Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"You Can Be Your Own Worst Enemy"

One of the biggest obstacles I have run into is myself. When you go from being an autonomous person to having to ask for help for even the seemingly smallest of tasks, it can leave you feeling like you have lost so much. I try to be careful with such feelings. I don't want to start to feel as if I can't do anything like I used to. Yes, things have changed and I do need more help with chores like grocery shopping, laundry etc.,however, there is help out there if you seek it out, however, that doesn't address the feeling of helplessness or loss you can allow yourself to feel. Whenever I get to the point where I feel I have lost so much - I remind myself of how much I still have and sometimes I have to force myself to realize that my life isn't so horrible.

By focusing on more positive thoughts, I can usually stop myself from falling further down into an abyss of loss and hopelessness. This has to be a conscious effort on your part and if necessary, needs to be reinforced several times, perhaps even on the same day. I realize I make this sound as if it is easy to do, however it is not always easy. Sometimes you have to engage other people as a part of your support system for further positive feedback.

There is much truth to the statement, "you can be your own worst enemy, Be aware of that," stay focused on positive aspects of your life and you will be able overcome feelings of loss and helplessness. The more you practice positiveness the easier it becomes. Eventually feelings of loss and hopelessness become fleeting thoughts instead of insurmountable problems.

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  1. Glenn you are on the right track, as always, though I know it is hard. love you, TEB


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