Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Sometimes as I search for reasons why things have evolved the way they have, I want to blame someone or something. Most often I tend to blame myself, perhaps I didn't take good enough care of myself when I was younger. I shouldn't have drank so much, I shouldn't have smoked, I should have started exercising earlier my life. Whenever I start to do that to myself, play the blame game, I know it is not a healthy or productive way to move my life along in a direction that will be of benefit to me in the long run. I know people who have been much more harmful to their bodies than I ever was, and yet they have not suffered the physical problems I have.

Perhaps it is a person's destiny to have or not have a healthy life. We all know of someone who has taken excellent care of themselves and yet have passed away at a young age or been wrought with an unusual amount of physical pain or difficulty. Conversely we all know of some one who has abused their body terribly and yet have seemingly not suffered anything as a consequence of the abuse. I guess there are no real reasons why things turn out the way they do, at least the answers are not discernable in this lifetime.

I believe that rather than spending frivolous time wanting to blame someone or something for the way things have turned out we should spend our time on acceptance of what is, and turn our focus to learning to be happy, productive, and functioning members of our society. Perhaps the misfortunes that have befallen us are a way of challenging our spiritual being into rising to a higher calling. My misfortunes have caused me to write these thoughts and who knows what could or will become of them? Only time will tell.

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