Monday, February 21, 2011


Yesterday and today I have felt a little depressed--I don't know why. As always it is a conscious effort on my part to look for the good in my life but some days that is more difficult than others. Coupled with that, is the fact that I have not been  sleeping well. Perhaps the two are related.

Already today I keep looking for the blessings in my life and can feel the low feelings starting to lift. I am blessed with a beautiful condo. I am blessed with good friends. I am blessed to have a sister who cares so much for me. I am blessed to have all the caregivers that I have: my doctors, nurses, physical therapists, and prosthetists.

I began a new painting last week and all of my life painting or any type of artwork has always been a release for me. While I am creating a painting, it distracts me from thinking negatively because my focus is on what I am doing. Naturally my artwork is yet another blessing.

Excercising is another outlet for me. You can't worry about external problems or worries while you are concentrating on lifting weights. Your focus has to be on what you are doing. Excercise for me has been at least a two fold blessing. First the obvious is that it is good for your physical well being and in my case excercise has provided me with the physical stamia I need to do the demanding actions necessary to walk without legs.

My doctors and therapists have told me how much my strength has made this leg loss an easier situation to deal with. It has enabled me to do more than people who lack my upper body strength. Another reason to be thankful and appreciative.

Everyone who experiences feelings of depression need to find outlets that will distract their minds from seemingly hopeless situations.

  After I had written this my visiting nurse was here this morning. I explained my unusual feelings of slight depression and I told her I had greatly decreased my pain medication. She said that explains the depression. You stopped the pain meds too abruptly. I took her advice and started taking the medication a little more often than the past two days and bingo I feel a lot better.

I guess I was anxious to stop the meds but like everthing in life takes time.

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