Saturday, February 12, 2011

Tribute to a Friend

A friend of mine passed away almost two weeks ago. His "Irish Style Wake" was today. Unfortunately I was unable to attend because of the recent loss of my left leg. Anyone who knows me has already heard me speak of the loss of my friend from the gym. I nicknamed him Marky Mark. Mark was one of the kindest, most understanding and in spite of his hugh muscles one of the most gentle souls I have ever met.

He and I used to have some pretty "deep" conversations at Cheetah. Marky was a very old soul, I could tell from our conversations he had lived many lifetimes before this one. He was more spiritually advanced than most people I have met. He had compassion for everyone I ever heard him speak about. He was also very self assured not only about his passion for bodybuilding but also the way he carried himself. He had a way of being self assured without coming across as conceited.

I had great admiration for Mark. I was constantly asking him questions about weight lifting techniques and diet. When you got Mark started on those subjects, look out, he could talk for hours about living a healthy style. Mark was very passionate about his profession and it showed, not only in his appearance but in his knowledge of how to achieve the type of body you desired.

I watched in horror as Mark had to go through that whole transplant nightmare. Naturally Mark came through it with flying colors. I remember talking to Mark a year or so after that whole ordeal of the transplant was over (at least we thought so at the time) I said, "Mark you are amazing I think you almost look better now than you did before all of those medical problems started. I didn't think that was even possible." He thanked me and told me how amazing he thought I had handled the loss of my right leg. We definitely had a mutual admiration thing going on between us.

I have just finished exercising here at home, as I am not able to get back to the gym quite yet. While I was exercising I was thinking how difficult exercising is with out any legs. Then I thought of my Marky Mark, and what would he say to me ? What would he do if he were in my position? He would do exactly what I am doing, the best that I can.

Mark I will never forget you, your kind words, your encouragement, your admiration. Thank you Mark Gordon for being a part of my life. I will carry your kindness in my heart forever. I love you Mark.
Sincerely, Glenn

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  1. Strange that no one posted a comment on this. It brings tears to me my eyes maybe in part because I knew mark too. Every thing you say about him & his strength is true to the very end. I glad you're doing this blog, it's inspirational. Reading over the lines just convinces me more that you write & publish a book. Steve


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