Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Year of Blogging

I began writing this blog February 7, 2011. This is the 58th passage I have written. I am going to call this the one year anniversary of my blog, even though technically it will be a year three days from now.

What have I learned and where do I want to go in the future?

I have learned first and foremost that I really enjoy writing. Not only do I enjoy writing but I also enjoy the cathartic feeling I derive from sharing my thoughts and feelings with all of you.

Over the past year, after having reread some of my earlier passages, I feel I have grown in many aspects as a result of this blog.

Writing has allowed me to take a good hard look at my life, my challenges, my successes, and my failures.

When you write about your life and attempt to put into words your feelings, your emotions, and the prospects for your future, you are forced
to really be introspective about your life.

I have accomplished much in this past year not only in my ability to express myself in words but also in the day to day management of living a life without legs.

There was a time in my life not so long ago that I wondered to myself if I were to lose my second leg, could I carry on? Would my life be worth living? Would my life be too difficult to be worthwhile? Would I be happy?

I am actually surprised and pleased with how well I have adjusted to this life without my legs. Would I have chosen this path? Of course not. As the saying goes, "it is not what hand you are dealt in life that matters, rather it is what you choose to do with that hand, that really matters."

As is to be expected, my life is not an easy one. Everyday tasks we take for granted, like walking, bathing, shopping, and driving a car, are now endeavors that take time, planning and energy. I am still able to do most everything that needs to be done to remain a self-sufficient individual and live independently.

I am thankful to still be able to live in my own beautiful home, independent, self-reliant and happy. I realize my situation could have been much worse, as are the lives of so many others in similar circumstances.

I never lose sight of the blessings in my life that still remain. I am thankful for the strong and positive outlook I have on my life and my future. The inner strength that has surfaced in my life has been an epiphany of sorts.

I attribute my inner strength to my spiritual beliefs. For me, asking God or whatever you choose to call the mastermind of the universe, for their help, strength, power, and positivity has proven to be the secret of my successful transition to living a life without the benefit of both of my legs.

Frustration, discouragement, and disappointment are feelings I am familar with, as are all of you. Whenever I start walking (sort of) down one of those paths I stop myself and choose another path. I choose the paths of fearlessness, perservence, faith and accomplishment.

Some of my favorite mantras are: "Faith that goes forward triumphs." "Walk by faith not sight." "Always reach for the best possible feelings to get the best results." "If you're not expecting it, you're not allowing it." I have countless positive messages I repeat to myself when I am feeling discouraged. This practice has helped my immensely.

What about my future? The future is already here. In reality there is no future, there is only this minute right now. Right now as I write this, I am at home, safe, secure, warm, well fed, writing this blog and listening to my bird, GiGi singing. Am I blessed, what do you think?

As I begin the second year of this blog I am moving closer to my goal of writing book, although this is actually already a book, isn't it?

I know as I continue this blog, great things lie ahead for me. I continue listening to that still small voice in my head telling me "the best of your life is yet to come."

Thanks to all of you for participating in my life over the past year, by reading my blog, writing comments, sending emails, and making phone calls. I really appreciate sharing my life with you and know those feelings are mutual.

God bless us all today and every day.

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