Monday, May 21, 2012


Fear of  failure, fear of rejection, fear of getting old, fear of falling, fear of fear, fear of almost anything, where does all of this fear come from? Why are we as human beings afraid all the time?

Fear is one of the main obstacles that hold people back from reaching their goals. I know this from personal experience.

It seems like in some areas of my life I feel brave, and yet in other areas I am plagued with fears, sometimes illogical unsubstantial fear, why is that?

Of course some fears are good because it is a human reaction to an actual event that can bring us physical harm, and yet on the other hand, there are fears that seem to come from nowhere, and don't seem to serve any purpose other than to keep us from reaching our full potential.

One of the many fears I have had to face is fear of the unknown. What was my life going to be like once I had lost both of my legs? Well it certainly has not been an ideal scenario but it is manageable. It is still possible to laugh, to have fun and to poke fun at myself and my situation.

I have found that more often than not, when I am facing a situation or anticipating doing something I have to do, I sometimes have feelings of dread. How will I do this or do that?

Usually the anticipated situation turned out not to be a problem at all. The anticipation of doing something unknown or unfamiliar was worse in my mind than actually doing it or facing it.

I know I have written this on previous occasions, but it bears repeating, living in the now, not the past or projecting into the future, will help us as individuals to curtail, if not eliminate, fear of the unknown. How can we fear something that has not yet occurred?

If we strive to look for and meet each new experience with expectations of good, rather than dread, our chances are greater that the experience or challenge will turn out well. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Living our lives more consciously, staying in touch with our feelings and remaining as postive as possible about a good outcome certainly is not going to hurt us.

I am not saying that life doesn't have it's disappointments, but to conjure up a poor outcome certainly is not going to lend itself to having a good ending.

In reality fear, notwithstanding rational fears, is really a form of pessimism, a projection into the future that the outcome of whatever we are endeavoring to do will not work or will turn out badly.

Fear can enter our consciousness when we do not exercise faith. Faith in our ability to accomplish a task will help minimize our fear of trying something new or experiencing something that may in the final analysis, be benefical to us or for us.

I realize all of this rhetoric may sound all well and good, but how do we implement all of this faith and optimism into our lives?

We do it a little bit at a time. We bite the bullet, step out on faith, and purposely put ourselves in a challenging position, armed with courage and feelings of self confidence, we go for it.

Meeting all of the challenges that life can throw at us may seem daunting at times, but  if we break it down into smaller components it doesn't seem so overwheming or impossible.

For me personally, I ask God to protect me and give me the strength and courage to overcome one of the most useless aspects of our minds, fear.

Do not fear, faith that goes forward triumphs....

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