Friday, January 13, 2012

The Comment Box--A Mix Up

When I began writing this blog, and as time went on, the goals I hoped to achieve through this blog began to evolve.

One of the main objectives that became more and more apparent to me was that this blog is here to help people, particularly persons who are facing hardships in their lives.

I have received many comments throughout the past year in the comment box located at the end of each blog entry. Of course I appreciate all of the compliments I have received and all of the feedback about  those topics that  I have chosen to write. I thank each and every reader for taking the time not only to read my blog but especially for taking even more time to comment on what I have written.

That being said, what I would like to address are those comments I have received from people who were going through their own personal trials, be it a physical affliction, a psychological problem dealing with a particular disability or injury,  and those asking for advice concerning various organizations that are designed to assist people with disabilities.

As we know I am not the most computer savvy person on the planet and I  have been learning how this whole "blog thing" works  as I have gone along. There have been readers who have written to me asking for help in various ways.

When you leave a comment in the comment box at the end of my blog, it sends an email to my personal email inbox, alerting me that a comment has been made. In the past, when I read an email sent to me through my blog I was under the mistaken impression that when I responded to the email by hitting the reply button on my personal email account,  that those who wrote to me would receive my reply. This is not the case.

To those who have written comments that were asking for help, advice or information, I want you to know I did not ignore your comments or requests.

I have been troubled by the fact that when I responded, or thought I responded, I never heard from you again, even if I asked for a response from you. The reason is that you never received the feedback that I thought I had sent. I am so sorry I did not understand how this blog works. I have not ignored anyone who was asking me for any type of assistance, please understand that.

This blog was designed to be a public format, meaning your comments and my responses were to be published on my blog, I am just now understanding that format. Given the sometimes sensitive nature of my blog, I thought my responses to your personal problems were best addressed through a personal and private response, thus I used the reply button on my email, all the while not knowing you would never receive them.

In the future, if you want to comment, send a question, or request information, that is sensitive or private in nature, I want you to email me directly through my personal email. My personal email address is:

If you have commented to me on my blog and thought I had ignored your problem or request for information I can assure you I did not ignore you. If you are one of those persons, I still have the original responses I made, or thought I made, in my personal sent file on my computer. I would be pleased to forward them to your personal email if you request me to do so.

I understand that if you commented to me and did not receive a response, you may have stopped reading my blog, which is most troubling to me because it defeats the main objective of this blog. Perhaps you quit reading for a while and now you are back, I certainly hope that is the case.

To reiterate again, if you leave a comment of a personal or sensitive nature, expecting a response, please in the future, write to me directly through my personal email.

I will continue in the future to post my personal email address at the end of each blog to assure  that such a mix up does not happen again.

My personal email address is:

Please keep your comments, criticisms, or requests for information, or whatever they my be, coming--after all that is the purpose of this blog.  Thank You. 


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