Friday, April 29, 2011

Going To The Mailbox

I made a decision, I was going to drive myself to the drive-by mailbox and mail some bills this morning. I got up early, as I always do, wrote out my bills and decided to get in my car and mail them by myself.

I have never done this since the loss of both of my legs. Something as seemingly simple as driving to a mailbox is more complicated for me than you might imagine. After putting on both of my prosthetic legs, which went smoothly, it doesn't always go quickly or smoothly, I gathered everything I thought I might need. In the red bag I always carry, I made sure I had my wallet, keys, tool for putting on my legs, and cell phone.

In order to get to the car and get into the car I brought my walker. While seated in my wheelchair I pushed the walker in front of me. After reaching the garage via the elevator, I wheeled over to the car, unlocked it, put my red bag on the front seat and wheeled to an area where I stood up with the aid of my walker. I slowly WALKED with the walker to my car (about fifteen feet) and sat down on the seat. Fortunately I have a small SUV and the seat height allows me to just turn around and sit on the seat. After putting both of my prosthetic legs under the steering column, I folded the walker and put it next to me. Now I was ready.

I drove to the drive-by mailbox, about a mile or so, mailed the bills and drove home. I backed into the garage, no easy task with hand controls, then I reversed the process to get back to my wheelchair and finally into my condo.

I was elated. This seemingly simple task, for me, was a monumental accomplishment! If I were able to do a dance, I would have. Four monthes and ten days ago when the loss of my second leg nightmare began, I would never have imagined I would be able to do what I just did.

Some people might read this and think, poor Glenn, look what he has to go through just to mail a bill. Another unsympathetic person might think, what is the big deal? So what?

This excercise in independence, driving to mail a bill, has been such a feeling of accomplishment for me. It is hard to put into words, what a triumph this has been for me. I know now, this is just the beginning. With much perservence, strength and courage I know I will be able to fulfill a lot of the dreams I have for myself and my future.

I am filled with feelings of faith in myself and gratitude to God for what has just occurred. I know this is just a small step toward my ability to once again take control of my life. Today I mailed a bill, tomorrow who knows? I am so thankful and happy.

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