Sunday, April 10, 2011

Comments and Following

To all those who read my blog, I inadvertently had the setting wrong in the comments section at the end of my blog. Now that it has been corrected, you simply leave a comment, if you choose, no more google buzz or any other bs. I would really appreciate your feedback not only do I appreciate it, but also it helps me to become a better writer. Anyone who has tried to leave a comment before will now find it much simpler to do so.
Further, by becoming a follower I have a better idea who reads my blog on a regular basis and this is also helpful and encouraging to me. You simply click on the "follow" button on the top of the blog.
Thanking all of you in advance for your continued interest and I look forward to writing more very soon.


  1. Here's how I did it:

    1) Type comment in the box
    2) Click on "Select Profile," then scroll down to Name/URL
    3) Another box will pop up with a space for your name & your URL
    4) I don't have a URL so I just typed in my name
    5) Click on "Post Comment" &, voila, your comment is posted!

  2. Well this time it didn't post right away. So I clicked on "Preview" first THEN I clicked on "Post Comment." Then it posted.


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