Friday, March 4, 2011

Moving Along

Let me first say that this is the second time I have had to completely rewrite this blog because the  computer went off line and erased the entire frustrating!!

Next week I have two doctor appointments, one is a follow up appointment with my surgeon, the other is my first visit for the preliminary fitting/measuring for my second prosthetic leg.

The following week I am being assessed as the first step to having hand controls installed in my car. The assessment is to determine my strengths and weaknesses and to determine which type hand controls will work best for me.

 Fortunately I am physically strong, relatively speaking, and because I can't go to the gym at this time, I have been working out at home with dumbbells. It is going alright but of course I don't have access to all of the machines and free weights available to me at the gym. I know that my upper body strength has been a great asset, by enabling me to transfer from my wheelchair to the bed, toilet, and the bench in my shower etc. I am thankful for that. Sometimes when I look back on things, it is as if by working so diligently all those  years I was preparing myself (unknowingly) for what inevitably happened, the loss of my legs.

  I remember a neighbor saying to me after the loss of my first leg (the right one), that it was ironic that I had taken such good care of myself and would suffer such a loss. I told her on the contrary, it probably would have happened sooner had  I not taken such good care of myself. That is just one example of how differently people can look at a situation and draw opposite conclusions.

Nevertheless, as I look ahead to the next few weeks, I am happy that things are starting to move along and  that I can begin to put my life back together again after the loss of my second leg in December.

The other day a man named John stopped by my house so that I could fill out paperwork with an organization he represents. There is a federal program available that will help finance the training and installation of the hand controls for my car. If anyone reading this should need such a service, or knows of someone who does, please let me know, and I will put them in touch with John and his organization.

I will let everyone know how things progress in the next few weeks. I am looking forward with optimism toward the future.

Sometimes I wonder where all of this is leading......I hope to a happier and more self-sufficient life.

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