Monday, March 21, 2011


Sometimes when a person trys to make a clarification they can inadvertantly implant an idea in another, that the person  may never of thought to begin with. This is a chance I am willing to take because it is important to me that you, my reader, understand fully why I have written what I have.

First of all, I didn't write about the problems I have incurred in my life, to evoke sympathy from my readers. I don't want you to think, oh poor Glenn, look what he has been through. Rather, I am simply giving you background information so that you may understand more fully how and why I have drawn the conclusions that I have.

With regard to what I wrote concerning HIV,  I never intended to dimiss or make light of the pain and suffering of victims who have succumbed to AIDS. I understand all too well the pain and suffering that I have personally witnessed, as a person's life ran the full course of the AIDS disease. I have also witnesssed the aftermath of the loved ones left behind. I was NOT saying if their attitude, were more positive, they would have survived. I was stating what I genuinely believe was true for me in my life at that time, and currently.

Anyone who was offended by what I wrote, know that I apologize. I would never be so arrogant as to think I saved my own life because I had a better attitude toward HIV than anyone else. I don't feel superior. I do however believe that my feelings and beliefs at that  time and currently has helped ME prolong my life.

One could and has asked, "Why didn't it work with respect to your blood disorder that led to the loss of your legs?" The answer is I don't know why. I did everything possible from denial, remaining positive, visualizaation, and of course prayer. No one knows what lies around the corner for us in our lives, be it good or bad.

All I can say is that I remain positive that the loss of my legs is somehow going to turn out positive for me or help me to influence and hopefully help others. These are my wishes and I hope and pray this becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

I would never want anyone to think I was preaching to them about how to live their lives. I want to share  my experiences with you and it is my desire that through this sharing, you will get to know me and perhaps help you in some small way.

In reality I can't wait until I have finished writing the heading I call "Survival." Writing about my sometimes unpleasant experiences cause me pain. Delving into the past and putting it into words, is more painful and upsetting than I thought it would be. However, I feel it is a necessary component to this blog, if you are going to understand me and my feelings, fully. It is this understanding that necessitates  the review of my life.

After I get through this "Survival" portion of my blog, I want to exspound on the happiness and joys of my life. I am going to thank all  of the members my family, friends and the professionals who have helped me in so many ways and so many times.

Please bear  with me as I try to get through the unpleasant aspects of my life, so we together can explore some of the great joys I have received. The wonderful people I have had the blessing of knowing and of the lessons they have all taught me. Thank You.

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