Sunday, September 30, 2012

I Am Not a Victim

Normally I shy away from allowing my political views to influence what I write in this blog, however, given the  events the have transpired recently in the political arena, I feel compelled to comment on the cold and callous remarks made by presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney.

I feel one of the greatest qualities a person can possess is their compassion for their fellow man. Without compassion, imagine what this world would be like. By showing compassion, sympathy and understanding to people whose lives have taken some hard hits, we demonstrate the humane side of our existence. A willingness to offer help and support to those who are less fortunate than ourselves exemplifies the very qualities that make us different from all other life forms, in essence it is what makes us human.

The comments made by Mitt Romney to a room full of wealthy political prospective donors, was reprehensible. Some may say that Mitt Romney was placating those donors, simply telling them what they wanted to hear, making sure they got some bang for their bucks, all in order to achieve his ultimate goal of receiving money to further his political agenda.

Even if he was placating those donors, the ease with which the words he spoke flowed forth, leads me to believe he was speaking from his heart. I believe this was the first time in American history that a presidential nominee has so utterly and completely dismissed half of the country he hopes to lead.

I suppose if I had to choose what part of his dismissive rant was the most offensive, it would be his belief that those who are poor, downtrodden, disabled, or uneducated see themselves as victims. As if to add more indignation to his disdain for half of the US population, he said that we of that group were unwilling to take responsibility for our lives.

I can only speak for myself by objecting adamantly that his evaluation and judgments are morally wrong and disheartening to say the least. Regarding his opinion that those of us who find ourselves in that infamous 47% feel entitled, I for one worked thirty five years for those alleged entitlements, how is that different from Mr. Romney expecting dividends from stock he has invested in?

You may wonder how all of this relates to my blog concerning limb loss. I have tried wholeheartedly and I believe successfully at not being a victim of my circumstances. Granted I have reached out for help from family and friends but that does not undermine all of the work both mentally and physically I have exerted to insure my independence.

 I am not unlike thousands, if not millions, of others who have suffered hardship, in all of its forms, to overcome and work diligently to remain an  automous person and  productive citizen of my community.

How can a priviledged man, like Mitt Romey, pass on his vile and convoluted opinions about those who are not like him and dismiss them so readily? Is passing judgment and writing off an entire segment of the population part of what God, Christ and the Mormon Church has taught him?

Although I may not have reached my ultimate goal of walking full time and learning new job skills to become gainfully employed, I have taken full responsibility for my life. As I continue down my path I am constantly seeking ways to better my life and lift any burden of responsibility from my family and friends.

There are many other people in the disabled community who have overcome even greater obstacles than mine, risen above their disabilities and achieved great feats. Do you think they view themselves as victims?

When you suffer a debilitating loss, it is important to retain your personal dignity. It seems unfair, unjust and wrong for another individual, or group of individuals to attempt to rob you of the dignity and the accomplishments you have worked so hard to retain and achieve.

I saw Ann Romney commenting about how hard it has been for she and Mitt to be subjected to the rigors of political life, exposing every aspect of their personal lives to public scrunity. Guess what Governor and Mrs. Romney, I have a difficult time identifying with your version of how difficult your lives have been.

It is difficult for me to walk in your shoes because I have no feet or legs and yet I persevere, remain optimistic about the future and take responsibility for my life.

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  1. Very well said, Glenn. May I share this on Facebook?
    PJ Strawther

    1. Yes you can post this on FB. I have already posted it, but I don't know if it will reach more people if you post from your end. I am no expert on FB. Thanks Pam for the compliments and for asking for permission. Here's hoping the country has not gone insane and elects Romney. Love, Glenn

  2. Eloquently written Glenn. I agree with you entirely.

  3. Thanks Matti. It frightens me think that this election is so close, I would think that after those biased and appalling comments, Obama would be leading by much more. We have to be careful not to become complacent, remember what happened in the Gore/Bush election.


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