Saturday, June 2, 2012

Happiness in the Present

When faced with challenging situations or circumstances, we search for answers. How do I fix this problem or how do I change these circumstances to more desirable ones?

What I try to do is visualize what I want my life to be like, bearing in mind that some things, like the loss of my legs, are beyond our control. And yet there is one thing that is always within our control, ourselves.

No matter what your particular life circumstance may be, there are others whose circumstances are better and others whose situation is worse.

Remembering and reminding ourselves of the blessings we have in our lives help to keep things in their proper perspective. Focussing on the good things we have in our lives allows us to have hope, hope for a better day, hope for a better tomorrow, and hope for our future.

Whenever we focus on the negative aspects of our lives we are robbing ourselves of the happiness we all deserve. For example, I am sitting on the sundeck (surprise surprise), surrounded by a blue sky, puffy white clouds and a  cooling breeze. What a wonderful thing.

Right now at this very moment all is right with the world for me. I am writing this blog, free to write whatever I choose, free to share my thoughts and feelings with you.

If we concentrate on life as it comes, moment by moment, not plagued by events in our past, or worried about what will happen in an hour from now, we can find hapiness. Happiness occurs only in the now. We only have this very moment to experience true happiness.

We could waste our time worried about what we did or what was done to us in our past that caused our present predicament, or we could accept that what has happened is over, it is finished, it is time to move forward with our lives.

No one knows what the future holds and I for one am glad. I certainly at the age of say 40, would not have wanted to know that at the age of 50,  I would lose my right leg and everything else that followed. Life is designed such that we should be happy now, because now is the only predictable  moment we ever have in our lives.

Everyone, including myself, is guilty of living either in the past or in the future instead of staying present in the moment.

Staying present in the moment brings with it clarity of mind, a thankfulness that can only be attained at this very moment. I have been trying to stay a little more present and a little less nonpresent.

It is not easy to stay in moment,  especially if the  moment is unpleasant, and even if we aren't present most of the time, those moments when we think about it, we are actually being present. The act of thinking, or in this case writing, about presence brings presence itself.

We miss out on a lot in our lives when we live them in the past or spend the present thinking about the future.

We should all try to concentrate a little more on living in the present. I think the present moment is the only true happy moment we ever experience ..

Try it and let me know what you think. I hope it brings you the clarity and happiness you are seeking.

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